Euro jumps to 6-week highs

The Euro has climbed to 6-week highs against the Pound as investors fret about Brexit.

It could be a good time to sell Euros.

Germany has confirmed it is already officially in recession.

It recorded negative growth at the end of last year, well before the Coronavirus outbreak, so has gone into this crisis on weak footing.

This is in contrast to the global financial crisis, where Germany’s strength helped pull the EU out of trouble.

It’s clear that Spain, Italy and France are desperate to salvage their tourist season as we enter the warmer months.

We expect an ongoing battle between lives and livelihoods.

This tug of war will no doubt permeate exchange rates too.

There has been a noticeable uptick in client activity in the last few weeks.

It could be that shock has subsided, and people are now getting on with their lives.