Pound reaches 14-week highs

With Boris Johnson struggling to get his own way, the Pound has been surging.

Against the Euro, it now sits at 14-week highs.

GBP has become the ‘comeback kid’ of the currency world as the chances of a no-deal Brexit have diminished recently.

But we all know that the thorny issue of Brexit remains largely unresolved.

There’s all sorts of legal and political battles going on, which means anything could happen from here.

The general consensus is there is no consensus.

So what do you do if you have a currency requirement?

You could always sit, watch and wait…

The Pound might improve further, or it could fall back once again.

But given all the uncertainty, it’s unlikely you will know when the time is right (until it’s been and gone).

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It will remove any currency risk and you might even find your stress levels return to normal.

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