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Unlike a bank, foreign exchange isn’t just a sideline for us – it’s what we do. We can save you money with great rates and expert guidance. You can lock in an exchange rate up to 12 months in advance, and avoid the risk of exchange rates moving against you. We provide quick & easy payment solutions for businesses with overseas suppliers. Active management of your currency risk enables you to protect your budget and profit margins.

Products and Services

Spot Contracts

Quick and easy ‘on the spot’ transfers. Great when you need to move your money now.

Regular Payments

Remove the hassle and worry of making recurring transfers. Perfect for transfers of salaries, pensions, mortgages and rent.

Rate Alerts

We can scan the markets for your ideal rate and let you know when the market is in your favour.

Forward Contracts

If you want to lock in a rate but aren’t ready to make a transfer. This makes budgeting easier and takes away the stress from market fluctuations.

Limit Orders

If you know what rate you want, just tell us and we’ll automatically buy your currency when the rate hits your target level.

Market Analysis

Our experts watch the markets for trends and opportunities so you don’t have to.

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Based on 1061 reviews.
Gerald A
January 14, 2022.
Great services thus far since I have… Great services thus far since I have been engaging with Key Currency especially Alex. Always available to provide me with the best rates on a monthly basis and making the whole process totally seamless not forgetting better rates in my opinion compared to the competition. Great to have discovered the Key Currency team!! Many thanks
razvan dragu
January 14, 2022.
It is always nerve-racking to trust… It is always nerve-racking to trust someone else with your savings and get suspicious when you are offered better rates than the banks.Super satisfied with Key Currency and especially Alex McKenna who guided us through the process and made it super smooth. Took less than 24 hours to transfer the money from an UK GBP account to an NL Euro account. Thank you Alex will surely recommend Key Currency and might come back next time we need a currency transfer.
Charlie Winfield
January 12, 2022.
Excellent service! Excellent service!
January 12, 2022.
Money transfer Seeing most of your life savings disappear into the ether, heading to a foreign country, is a nerve-racking experience. However, using Key Currency Ltd., and in particular Barry Richards, made for a smooth and hassle-free process. I would certainly recommend this company, and would use them again if the need arose. Many thanks to Barry, and anyone else involved at Key Currency Ltd.JOHN HARVEY
Anthony Jones
January 11, 2022.
I have used key currency twice recently… I have used key currency twice recently and would recommend them. Very easy to deal with and efficient service,my contact Barry Richards,guided me through every step of the transaction,checking with me after transfer,that all was well.
January 10, 2022.
Spoke to Owen Wiles and transferred… Spoke to Owen Wiles and transferred money across to a foreign bank accont .Very simple and straight forward.
Mike Smith
January 7, 2022.
Wayne Sampson. Professional and courteous in the extreme. Wayne Sampson from Key Currencies was the ultimate professional to deal with on top of being a super nice guy. Talked me through all the steps and warned me of potential pitfalls that other companies failed to mention. Sadly I am rarely impressed with service or attitude these days but Wayne has restored my faith. Very rarely do I leave a review but I just had to recommend Wayne for his exemplary effort and Key Currencies for the slightly better rate than any other company. I would only use Wayne in the future and he has my 100% recommendation, and that's a thing of rarity I assure you!
customer- Alison I
January 7, 2022.
I am very happy with the service this… I am very happy with the service this company provided and in particular the help advice and support Robert Griffith provided to me, it was the first time I had transferred a sum of money abroad and Robert kept me updated throughout the process. I would highly recommend Key Currency and will definitely use them again should the need arise
Fiona Geary
January 6, 2022.
Best Fx dealers around I have changed quite a lot of money in the last few years, this company was the best value. Jack my dealer got me the absolute best rate and the company’s charges are very reasonable. Best Fx dealers around.

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